Benefits Information

Salaries (2020-2022): PGY1: $55,515.20 PGY2: $56,492.80 PGY3: $58,218.60
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A laptop is provided for use in the hospital, the clinic, and at home. Value: $2,000!

Electronic Medical Record

Clinic and Memorial Hermann Health System labs, radiology images and dictated reports are accessible online from any site with an internet connection. The outpatient clinic utilizes Care4. Ability to check up on patients’ labs from the comfort of your own home! Value: Less time in the hospital waiting for labs and results, and more time for family and sleeping!

Great Hospital Amenities

Private call rooms with TVs! A lounge with comfortable furniture, refrigerator, microwave, LCD TV, DVD player, and a Sony PlayStation! Lunch conferences at the clinic teleconferenced live to the hospital. Value: Decreased Stress!


First-year residents receive 10 working days vacation. Second and third-year residents receive 15 working days vacation plus 5 days for continuing medical education (CME). Value: Stress Relief! PRICELESS!

Educational Meetings

Second and third-year residents are encouraged to attend an educational meeting or conference. One week of CME time is provided during both the 2nd and 3rd years with an educational stipend of $1,200 for travel, meals, lodging and conference registration. You may choose to do CME at home and $600 will be provided for educational books or software. Additionally, first-year residents receive the AAFP Comprehensive Board Review Prep flash drive and online access. Value: $700 to $1300!


Free meals to residents from the Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital Doctors’ Dining Room while on hospital rotations, when attending resident didactic conferences on the hospital campus, and when on call. This includes coffee, soft drinks, candy and ice cream during those late night cravings! Meals are also provided for conferences presented at our Family Medicine Center. Value: $2,400!

Laundry Service

Fresh scrubs are provided to all residents for hospital use. Lab coats are purchased for each resident (three in the first year and one in each of the next two years) and weekly cleaning service is provided. Value: $800!


Residents receive free covered parking at the hospital and free parking at the clinic. Value: $300!

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Professional Organizations

The residency program covers registration for the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) which also includes the local chapter of the Texas Academy of Family Physicians (TAFP). Also covered is registration for the American Medical Association (AMA), including both the state chapter of the Texas Medical Association (TMA) and the local chapter of the Harris County Medical Society (HCMS). Enjoy free periodicals from several of these professional organizations. The bimonthly American Family Physician is a wealth of information! Value: $150!


To encourage timely application for Texas licensure, our program provides (upon request) a no-interest cash advance of up to $4,000, paid back to Memorial in the form of payroll deductions. Value: PRICELESS!

Online Medical References

The program pays for subscriptions to Challenger, FP Essentials, and MD Consult! Residents also have access to UpToDate! Value: $2,500!

Texas A&M Library

Online access to an extensive library, books, PubMed, Cochrane Library, Lexi-comp, Epocrates, and many more. Value: Limitless Educational Resources!

Insurance and Investment

Health insurance coverage is available for residents and dependents at group rates. A retirement savings plan is available, with opportunity for immediate matching contributions of up to 6% by Memorial Hermann. Professional liability insurance is provided at no cost to all residents. Value: PRICELESS!